Life Changes ~ New Beginnings



Hi… It’s been a while. It’s been quite some time since I was here. Many things have happened in the last couple weeks that I just needed time to think through them. I just wasn’t ready to share. But I am here now, and I hope to see you here with me. ūüôā

So, the first thing I need to say is that this page is going to have major transformations. I’ve been changing myself and things in my life are so different now, that this blog will be changing too.

Friends, Edgar and I broke up… Edgar, HIM<3, Meow, whatever you know him as, we broke up. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, it hurt. But, yes, I stand by it. And yes, I am ok.

I am doing well.  It was time, and it was needed.

I am not going into the details of what happened, that’s just distasteful and classless. I can only say that it was the right thing to do, and I have made my peace with this new life I have chosen and all will be well. I just didn’t have the heart to talk about it so openly just yet. But here I am, today, and I am saying that all is well.

I am taking up new hobbies. I am learning how to play the piano, finally. I am reading more. I am writing more. I am studying more. (Yes, I am probably eating more as well…) But, everything is moving along, and I am enjoying this new life. This very different life. My life.

Friends, I have learned so much about myself. I have learned so much about relationships, and standards, and expectations, and effort, and love. I have learned, and I am ready. I am ready to move on and go through life wearing my heart on my chest and to be myself. I am ready.

I am ready to start again. Are you?



College Backpack Essentials

Backpack essentials


Guess what? I start classes today! I know, I know. Normal classes do not start until August 20-something… But yay summer semester and getting ahead! :3 So, in the interest of *a* new semester, I have compiled a list of necessities ~yes, NECESSITIES~ in the college backpack! Well, at least what I carry…:3

For class

littlepaw Textbook Рbelieve me, there will be dead periods of time in which you can get ahead in your reading!
littlepaw Pens & Highlighters Рpretty notes make for easier studying!
littlepaw¬†Notebook / Paper – I mean… it’s a given… right?
littlepaw Planner РYes, you really need to stay organized for college. Yes, I believe a planner is the best way to do so. No, you will not remember. Yes, write it down. All. Of. The. Time.
littlepaw Post-It Notes РThey not only help when you read your textbooks, but they also give you extra writing space and the more colorful, the prettier!


littlepaw Phone + Charger РALWAYS
littlepaw Laptop + Charger РSEE ABOVE
littlepaw¬†Headphones – Other people don’t really want to listen to your music because they are most likely trying to listen to theirs…
littlepaw¬†Spare headphones – again, the REALLY don’t want to listen to your music. I have my set of good BOSE headphones, but in the off chance¬†that I forget them, I always keep a spare of random 99 cent headphones.


littlepaw Sunglasses РI am blind as a mole if it is sunny. Luckily meow<3 gave me an adorable pair of sunglasses that I never leave without!
littlepaw¬†Sunglasses Case – You don’t want your awesome sunglasses to get scratched up, do you?
littlepaw Umbrella РESPECIALLY in Texas. Did I tell you about last Friday? I got sunburned, and then 20 minutes later there was hail, and another 20 minutes later there was even more scorching sun :/ Really, an umbrella helps with rain AND sunlight. Take care of yourselves, friends!
littlepaw Sweater РAgain, Texas weather. And almost every campus has incredibly cold buildings!
littlepaw¬†Sun Block – And once more, especially¬†in Texas, but do not assume that because it’s not particularly sunny you do not need it! Those sun rays are quite bad.


littlepaw Lip Moisturizer РI get chapped lips. A LOT. And it drives me insane because I also pick at them, and after 10 minutes my lips are a bloody mess. Literally!
littlepaw Deodorant РHave you ever gotten all dolled up and then as soon as you go outside and notice how hot it is you start sweating and then feel uncomfortable the rest of the day? This helps!!
littlepaw¬†Cream / Lotion – Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! I know people hate the word ‘moist’ but, MUAHAHAHAHA, MOIST! >:3
littlepaw Tweezers РI am extremely sensitive to hangnails. I CANNOT stand them! They drive me INSANE! And I always pick at them for HOURS until I am finally able to get them out, and that usually ends in more blood. :/


littlepaw¬†Wallet – Should I elaborate? Also, remember to always have your driver’s license!
littlepaw¬†College ID – Always good to have on hand, especially¬†if your ID allows you to open a set of doors. I, for example, work in a neuroscience lab at UTD, and the building’s doors are closed to the general public, so if I want to get into the lab, I better have my ID.
littlepaw Feminine Hygiene Products РALWAYS. ~pun intended~
littlepaw Mints / Gum РCome in handy quite often. I regularly use the Listerine Strips. They come in a tiny container and dissolve when you put them on your tongue. They also taste great and the effect lasts quite a while. :3
littlepaw Toothbrush / Tooth Paste РI have braces, so I always brush my teeth right after I eat lunch because something inevitably has gotten stuck there.
littlepaw¬†Hand Sanitizer – Yes friends, somethings things are just sticky…

Well, my friends. I think that is it. This is what you need in your backpack to survive college. At least what has let me survive. What am I missing? What do you carry in your backpack? :3


6 Moving Mistakes to Avoid


So friends… I moved.

It was not the best thing ever. You see, the move was not completely planned out, so I am putting together a list of the mistakes made by us, and WHY they were made. In other words, I am writing out the “logic” behind out decisions so you can see how it was easy to believe it made sense, but then it didn’t. Guys, really… We HONESTLY thought we had an awesome plan, and we ended up frustrated. But anyway, considering college is starting soon and a lot of people are moving, I thought that maybe you could learn from our mistakes! ūüôā

We only transferred¬†apartments, so the move was only across the pool, but it was still quite big. The problem was, we did not know how big it was until afterward… Here goes!

1) Not Boxing Everything

So, our plan was to move the heavy stuff, furniture, etc and then bring the stuff that goes on the furniture and that way we wouldn’t have a big mess. That way, not only would we not need many boxes and be green and environmental, but we would also be able to keep thinks organized during the move. It sounded so foolproof. Bring the furniture, then bring the stuff on the furniture in tiny increments and put it away immediately. I mean, it made sense, right? WRONG! I took all the books down from the bookshelf but did not box them, and then we didn’t have any walking space. I also took out the stuff from my tiny “clofice” to be able to take out the actual desk, but I had nowhere to put all of the stuff! I couldn’t even do anything with all the dishes we had because, where could I put them? Anyways, we did not box, so we did not feel prepared. And considering everything was a mess, we only asked ONE friend to help us so the furniture would get moved and then continue as planned, which brings me to my second point.

2) Not Getting Enough Help

We thought we¬†didn’t have that much stuff. We thought that if we had one person to help us move the furniture, we could move the smaller stuff by ourselves that same afternoon. NO! A friend of ours came and helped move the furniture but by the end of the day, there was still SO MUCH STUFF. The furniture got moved, yes, but there was no way to move all of the small stuff because NO BOXES! It was a disaster. We moved stuff and moved stuff and moved stuff, but it was never ending. We kind of gave up and decided to continue the next day, but we asked two more friends to help. The next morning we decided to organize everything in the old apartment so we could just have our friends help us transfer the stuff over, and THEN organize, and this brings me to my third point.

3) Not committing to one task and seeing it through

So, here is the thing. If I start something, I usually see something else that needs to get done and it distracts me from what I’m doing originally, and everything gets halfway done and nothing gets finished. Is anyone else like that? It frustrates me a lot because I do not feel like I have accomplished anything, BUT I feel tired from doing a lot of random little stuff. This move was no exception, especially on Sunday morning. Like I already mentioned, we decided on packing everything so we could just move boxes across the pool. That didn’t happen. I started putting clothes in a box and then decided against it and started putting the blankets in the box, and then thought that those didn’t need boxes so I moved on to shoes, and then bathroom stuff, and then kitchen stuff, and then living room stuff, and two hours had passed and there was not ONE finished and packed box. I cried. Literally. So I just sat down extremely sad and de-tangled cables. That helped a bit, so I decided to box them, but then noticed that the electronics would get scratched and gave up. I started just making trips, putting a couple books in the backpack and carrying random stuff in a small box. By the time friends had gotten here to help, we didn’t really have any of the boxes prepared.

4) Not knowing where things would go

When our friends arrived things started to pick up. My friend was observing Ramadan, so I didn;t want to make her walk around and up and down stairs, so I asked her to just stay put and organize the stuff we brought over. So I would go and bring a chunk of clothes and she put them away while the rest of us brought more stuff. Things got better, as the two guys were great at bringing a lot of stuff in one trip, and us girls were great at putting it away fast, but there was a huge problem. I didn’t know where to put all of the stuff the guys were bringing. HE<3 and I hadn’t really planned out everything and I could not organize adequately because I thought it would all get moved eventually. And it did. My friend and I put everything more or less where it could maybe, probably, possibly go, but it wasn’t until days after that HE<3 and I actually sat down and decided where everything would go.

5) Moving EVERYTHING and having to bring stuff back to the old place

Yes, you need to bring all your stuff to the new place and leave the old one completely empty. But not leaving a couple paper towels or some cleaning spray means a whole new trip. Once again, for us, it was just across the pool so it wasn’t that bad. But still, we could have saved about 5 trips up and down 3 flights of stairs. #JustSayin…

6) Not changing your address

As of today, we have been in the new place 3 weeks. We still have not changed our address at the Post Office. Hehehe… NO! BAD MEOW! BAD MEOW! GET OFF THE COUCH! oh, wait…. yeah. Anyways. Not a good thing to do guys. GO! I am going tomorrow morning…

CONCLUSION: Underestimating

Seriously guys. It all boils down to this. We underestimated how much work we had to do and thought it would not be that bad, so because we were over-confident, we did not prepare and everything went quite rocky. I mean sure, it was fun to have friends when we moved because we were all talking and with music and what not. Dinner after sundown was great because after a very tired day going out for food and having fun and relaxing was awesome. But guys… It was stressful. I REALLY don’t want to move for another looooong time, so I really hope this helps someone who is planning on moving so they don’t make our same mistakes.

One more piece of advice: RECIPROCATE! Guys, if your friend helped you move, help them move… My friend is moving this week and I am happily helping her because she was so kind so as to help us even if she was feeling less energized from not eating. It’s just common courtesy. #Shoutout to my friend! ‚̧

Anyways, what moving mistakes have you made? What do you think of mine? xD I know… some are quite dopey, but hey… #TrueStory


DIY: Infinity Dress!

Hi, friends!!

Ok, first of all… SORRY! I have been SO busy the last couple months, that I kind of put the blog on hold. Between exams, a Belly Dance Show, trips, *weddings*, and what not, I have been swamped. I have not had an open weekend since like… February? ._. WOW… Well, anyways, I am back. And I have an awesome thing for you! I made an infinity dress! You see, my mom gave me a sewing machine back in November for my birthday. For those of you who may not know, I took sewing classes back in Mexico and can more or less make some wearable garments ūüôā So, I decided to make an infinity/convertible dress for my mom and I liked how it looked so much that I decided to make one for myself. I made this dress before Christmas, but I wanted to share with you how to do it, so here is a step by step! I will say, though, that I wanted mine to be floor length and discovered I did not have nearly as much fabric as I needed, which was a dumb mistake. But it is going to be around knee-length and I hope you guys like it. ūüôā

Step 1: Edge the fabric

So first thing first, I stretched out the fabric out and folded it in two. Then I pinned around the selvage. This is to make sure the fabric is as straight as possible. I also cut off the little strings at the edge because this is the part I am going to use for the long straps. And I really don’t want those to be poking out of the dress. I didn’t cut them all off though, I just shortened them. I did the same with the other selvage.


Step 2: Mark and cut the straps

I really improvised at this point. You see, my fabric is kind of silky, so it got unaligned very easily. So I got a cardboard box, and I pinned the fabric (where I had already pinned the selvage) down to the box. Then I smoothed it out and started marking the width of the straps. I placed more pins on the outside of the straps so that I could keep the fabric as aligned as possible, and then I cut. I did the same with the other selvage.


Step 3: Mark and cut the skirt

I then folded the fabric over once more, in the same direction as it was already folded. I made a square-like shape. Basically, the normal edges of the fabric and the fold that divided the fabric in half was the bottom, the fold that divided the fabric into fourths was on top,¬†and the edges I had cut out (where the selvages were) ended up being the sides of the ‘square’. Then I moved and sat in front of the top of the square. I did the same thing with the cardboard box and pinned the corner that was to my left up to the box. Remember, facing me are the folds that divide the fabric into fourths, and to the left is the side I cut one of the selvages off from. Then I went to¬†By Hand London¬†to do the math for my skirt. This circle skirt calculator is amazing! I basically said I wanted a full circle skirt and it asked me for my waist measurement and then it gave me how much I had to mark on the fabric and the app is a genius! So I marked my fabric with the circle, and then I marked the hem allowance. Then I used my measuring tape as a compass and marked the length of my skirt. Because I didn’t want to waste that much fabric, I cut off the remainder fabric into a neat rectangle. I don’t know what I will do with it, but I will think of something. Then I cut off the skirt.


Step 3: Mark and cut the waistband

You know those pieces of fabric that look like triangles that were left over from your skirt?¬†I used them for the waistband! Basically, I pinned them together as evenly aligned as possible, put them up on my cardboard box and measured 3 inches from the curvy edge all around. I cut that out and made 4 curvy rectangles of 3 inches by 17 inches. ūüėÄ


Step 4: Sew the sides of the skirt

Ok, back to the skirt, I unfolded the fabric only once! Remember it was folded so it looked like a quarter of a circle, but it was folded in fourths. I unfolded it once and made it looked like half a circle. Then I sewed along the straight edges, which would become the sides of my skirt.



Step 5: Sew the top of the waistband

Here is where it got a little bit tricky. I separated the four curvy rectangles into pairs. Now, two at a time, I aligned the concave sides and placed them right side facing right side. You see, the concave side will be the top of the waistband (towards the straps), and the convex side with be the bottom (towards the skirt). So, when I aligned the two concave sides, I made the nice shiny side of the fabric face the other nice shiny side so that the nice sides would be inside, and the ugly sides would be outside, and I sewed straight through. That way, when I turn it right side out, the stitches will be covered. I don’t know if my explanation makes sense, but the pictures might!


Step 6: Sew the sides of the waistband

Then, I closed the waistband or, in other words, make it actually circular. This was quite easy. I just measured half of my waist circumference in each of the pieces I had, placed them right side facing right side, and sewed the exterior. Here is the picture anyways ūüôā When I turned it correctly, all of the sewing and strings and markings and stuff were inside and the only thing visible is a nice fold. ūüôā


Step 7: Hem the straps

Like I said before, the fabric had a lot of loose strings, so I hemmed the whole thing, all around the rectangles that would form the straps. It took a bit because the straps measure about 3.5 yards, and well, each strap has two sides, so I hemmed 3.5 yards per side per strap which is 3.5 yards times 4… But who’s complaining? Not me…. I didn’t do it….. x.x BTW, I didn’t take pictures of this because well… I think you know what I mean. xD

Step 8: Align the skirt to the waistband

Ok, then I turned the waistband inside out again and marked 2.5 inches down if the stitches. That way, when I finished the waistband, it would all measure 2.5 in width. After this, the actual tricky part started. I wanted to have all of the ugly strings hidden, so I tucked the ends of the fabric in towards the waistband. Let me elaborate. I extended my skirt the correct side facing outwards. Then, I slipped the waistband inside out over the skirt. Basically, the skirt and waistband were now right side facing right side. ¬†Then I aligned the seams so it looked nice. Then, I aligned the markings I had made on the waistband¬†with the markings on the waist of the skirt. And I pinned it all around. (This was still right side facing right side. Then I made some hand stitches to keep everything in place.¬†(As you can see from the pictures, if you grab the waistband at this point and pull it up it looks very neat, but I wasn’t done so let’s continue xD ) Anyways, from there I turned the skirt inside out and pulled the waistband up so I could see everything from the inside. I folded the waistband along the seam I had made, and I folded it once more along the markings on the waistband and aligned that new fold with the markings on the skirt. I know this sounds confusing, but look at the pictures and they will make sense! xD Note: I did not make hand stitches on the other side because this is is not ready! I still had to tuck in the straps.


Step 9: Align the straps to the waistband

After I attached the waistband, I marked straight lines at one end of the straps. This was to make sure I attached them as straight as possible. Then, with the skirt turned inside out, I aligned the bottom and pinned part of the waistband with the markings I made on the straps. Now, the whole point of this is to have all of the strings and stuff folded INTO the waistband, so it is not uncomfortable on the skin, so after aligning is as best I could, I took off one pin, tucked the end of the strap into the loop the waistband made and pinned it back. I started at the side seams to make sure I got as much *sideboob* coverage as possible, and since I made the straps quite wide, I knew they would overlap in the middle anyways. I continued all the way to the end of the strap, and then I did it on the other strap starting from the other side seam. A couple of hand stitches to keep it all in place, and voila! Ready for machine sewing!


Step 10: Hem the ends of the straps

Well, hemming the ends of the straps is very e y, so I won’t go into detail, I just folded and sewed to keep the fabric from fraying. Anyways, the hem of the circle skirt is the big problem! Read on!

Step 11: Hem the bottom of the skirt

Ok, I hated hemming the bottom of a circular skirt because I could just never get it right. It always looked rolled. I don’t know, I did not like it… UNTIL I discovered this trick! It was the best thing to ever happen to me! So, instead of folding the fabric in and staring to sew, I sewed all around the edge of the skirt. No folding, just one long line of stitches as nice and circular as I possibly could. That way, when folding, the stitches that were made allow for a better guide than any written markings. Anyways, once I finished sewing all around, I folded the fabric ON the stitch line (to make it have a nice and strong hold) and then I folded once more. This actually gives the fabric that curve that is needed to make sure the skirt looks circular after the hemming! It is super easy, and saves a lot of time and stress!


Step 12: Learn how to wrap, and enjoy!

I spent days watching videos on how to wrap an infinity dress. This is actually my favorite! So, I learned a couple of ways to wrap and I have used it two times: one of Christmas, and one to go out dancing with HIM <3. In hindsight, I would not have used a fabric so silky, because the straps slide and I have to re-wrap every couple hours, BUT it looks amazing! Friends, this is actually one of the best projects I have taken upon. And since I made this dress, I have felt more confident in making other and slightly more difficult dresses. For example, since making this dress, I have made a couple Belly Dance and Renaissance themed costumes that actually came out very well! Guys… Making this dress was awesome, and I hope you guys make one too!



The Budget Challenge

The Budget Challenge

Hello, Friends!!

First thing’s first. Friends, thank you for putting up with me not posting in a while… Things have been busy, to say the least. But, this post is about something else and I will get into why I have been busy all this time. So, let’s get to it!

Budgeting is hard. Keeping up with budgeting is hard. Following your budget is hard. Especially if, like me, you just HAVE to have those awesome shoes!! *-* So, why not make take The Budget Challenge?

Here is the deal. Many times I have ‘committed’ to budgeting correctly, but you know those activities that you start off super hyped for, but then a couple days into it your interest kind of….. trails off? Well, with budgeting, that happens to me. So, decided I need motivation. I need a good system, and a reason to stick with it.

The ‘reason to stick to it’ came easy… You are! Having a challenge buddy makes the challenge easier! Want to work-out? Grab a work-out buddy! Want to study? Grab a study buddy! Want to cook? Grab a cooking buddy! So, you are my new budget buddy, and I am your budget buddy! We can take the challenge together, and encourage one another when our motivation is trailing off, and suggest success treats!

The ‘good system’ part was a bit more difficult. I have spent a couple of days perfecting the budget system, but I think it is good to go. I know some of us like printables and some of us like digital files, the awesome thing is that you can have either! I am using a digital file (mostly because printable don’t do math by themselves xD ), so you can either do the same¬†or print the file out and use it as a printable! That is up to you. I will upload my digital file¬†so you can edit BEFORE you print (if you do), and your budget will be completely personalized!

Anyways, let’s get right to it!

My file is a Microsoft Excel file, with several tabs, one for the budget, and a spending tracker for each month. This file already has the formulas to do the math by itself. If you change anything, make sure you fix the formulas to adapt to the new layout of the spreadsheet, or just let me know and I will fix it and send you your personal file! ‚̧

The File

The Budget Page

This is the first page of the file. First, I have everything that I see myself spending on. You know, things like rent, utilities, groceries, insurance, etc. Underneath, I also have all of the payments that are pre-authorized. These allow me to make sure I always have enough money to cover them and not get an overdraft fee. I also write when the money is taken from the account, and when the payment is due, that way I always have it paid before it is required and that is nice.

The Debt Tracker Page

In this page, I have all of my open credit lines. It has a place to write the initial debt, and then how much you go paying and using the credit line. Note: if your goal is to pay off that debt, the best thing to do is to not use that line at all, and only do payments. In my case, ever month I do not use my credit lines, I get a treat! :3

The Monthly Spending Tracker Pages

This is where the whole thing gets tied together. So, in this page, EVERY TIME I spend money/buy something, I write it down here. I also have a tab for everything I should not be buying but I still am, like vending machine food, or shopping sprees (guilty)… Anyways, this is like balancing your checkbook (if you still have one of those). This page has the math functions made so that it takes the amount of money you started with, and then subtracts everything you are spending, and it gives you your new total after the expenditure. The whole point of this is keeping track of how much you are spending and on what. Every time I spend, I add a tag (or a color code). Everything in groceries is one color, everything in housing goes in another color, etc. In the end, I can see where I am spending more than my budget dictates I should, so I stop.

So, say I have spent $200 on groceries by mid-month, and my budget is $250 for the whole month. I will stop and make a list of what to buy on the next trip to the grocery store, and make sure it does not go over $50. If this is not possible, then I will check that month’s budget and transfer from other areas. Say I have an allocated budget of $60 for gas for the whole month, but I can afford to only use $30, and limit the car usage. That way, those extra $30 that are not going to be used for gas, can be used for groceries. This is why this page is really good. It tracks how much I spend, and I can make changes when necessary. ūüôā

The Challenge

Stay within budget for all of 2017.

Of course, doing it like this is very overwhelming so I will break it down by weeks. In the budget page, I will divide amounts by week, and in the spending tracker page, I will block things out by week. Every week that I do this correctly, and stay within budget I will get a treat! Now, the best way to succeed in a challenge is with support, so if you want to join in on the challenge, comment below! We can encourage each other! ūüėÄ

Every week that I keep up with this, I will treat myself to an ice cream, or a bubble tea! What would you use as treats?

I hope you liked the project and will take on the challenge with me… I’m excited, are you?

And now, what you have been waiting for!

Here you go, guys!

Enjoy! :3

Budget For Blog



Valentine’s Day Thoughts


Who have you chosen? Who is your significant other? Do you have one? Do you have a crush on somebody and haven’t told them? So difficult… Love can be a difficult thing… And I am not saying that Valentine’s Day is only for romantic love. Far from that, I know it as the Day of Love AND Friendship, but today I do want to focus on romantic love. I want to talk about the choice…

So, if you have chosen someone, who did you choose?

Because I mean, you could choose anyone! How about that little kid who pulled your hair in school and everyone said, “it’s because he likes you.” Or that other kid who stared at you from across the room with those sheep eyes and made you all red in the face. Or maybe you chose your High School sweetheart, or your best friend, or the bad kid in the block that is just a rebel… There are so many choices, and this weekend I learned a lot about the choice I have made.

You see, I was planning on making a post on either the gift I gave him or how we celebrated Valentine’s Day. If not that, one of those very lovey-dovey posts on the 50 things I love about him or something like that. But I changed my mind. I am going to write about why I think I made the right choice¬†when I chose him.

Last Friday I got sick. I am not sure what it is, the doctor said I present flu-like symptoms, but she is not sure of it is the flu since the test came back negative and I did have a couple extra symptoms, but the point is I have been miserable this weekend. On Saturday I could barely stand up, and every time I did I felt I was going to fall back down under my own weight. I was nauseous all day and would alternate between sweats and fits of shivers.Saturday sucked.

Saturday sucked.

I spent most of the day in bed, but HE<3 was awesome. All day, he stayed at home and watched over me. He made lunch and came into the room every time he would hear me shake and would put an extra blanket on me. He basically spoiled me all day, which is to say quite a lot, because I can be quite spoiled on any given day… He also, of course, made me eat and drink so I wouldn’t get dehydrated, even when I was refusing. He made me hot teas and some nice soup¬†and was just amazing. He was amazing.

Later that night, he asked if I would like to get out and feel some nice fresh air. I said I would love to, but was feeling rather weak, that I would rather we drove around for a bit. I took a shower and felt incredibly¬†better once I got out, but I still wasn’t feeling 100%. So I got ready, did my hair as best I could, and out we went. Guess where he took me? For Bubble Tea and a nice dinner at Panera’s! I got my favorite: Passion Fruit Green Tea with extra sugar, extra boba, and extra jelly, (with no ice) and he got a Lemonade yogurt tea (and forgot to say no ice xD ). There were no chairs available at the shop, so we went to a little plaza and sat at the fountain, and then went to Panera’s and got two to-go sandwiches, and came back home. We played video games¬†together for a while.

What I am trying to say (and I think I am making the big deal it deserves), is that HE<3 was awesome. So, this is my big message for the day: I chose wisely!


I chose the person who will make soup for me (even though there was no soup at home and he had to go get some from the store), just because I wanted soup.

I chose the person who will stop what he is doing and come put an extra blanket over me just because he heard me.

I chose the person who made me tea and stayed there until I drank it so that I wouldn’t spill it with my arms that felt like spaghetti.

I chose the person who motivated me to get up and prepare to go out.

I chose the person who took me to get my favorite treat in the world, just because he knows it is my favorite treat in the world.

I chose the person who reminded me to ask for no ice in my bubble tea, and was so busy thinking about my bubble tea, that he forgot to ask for no ice in his own tea.

I chose the person who let me basically hang from his arm because I was still feeling somewhat weak.

I chose the person who ordered a sandwich he knew I would like, just because he thought I hadn’t eaten enough that day, and thought maybe I would like some more, and he could give me his.

I chose the person who took care of me on my sick day, enjoys with me my healthy days, cuddles with me and watches movies with me on my lazy days…

I chose the best person I could have chosen, and I wanted to say that today.


Today is Tuesday, February 14th. Valentine’s Day. I am still sick. In fact, I had to stay at home and not go to class because I am very contagious. I actually stayed home and watched Harry Potter movies! But, to the point. Today is Valentine’s Day, and I have the best Valentine I could ever ask for. I have HIM<3!

And I wanted to say this today.

I chose the best Valentine in the world. I am sure I made the right choice. I hope your choice makes you happy.


See you, friends! ‚̧
Happy Valentine’s Day!


My planner On The Day-To-Day

Hello, Friends!

So, the semester has started for me at UTD, and for some of you, your semester is about to start, so I decided to make a post on how I use my planner to keep up with everything AND what my planner looks like so far!

What you will need:

littlepaw Pens: I chose the Retractable Pilot G2 pens
littlepaw Post-it: Normal Post-it notes from Walmart
littlepaw Planner: My own design


Getting Started:

So, once I had my materials, I decided on a color coding list. Here are my sections:

littlepaw Class
littlepaw ESL
littlepaw Clubs
littlepaw Social
littlepaw Personal
littlepaw Work
littlepaw Blog
littlepaw Housework

Since I have 8 pens, I was able to make 8 sections, and these are the ones I found I needed the most. Class refers to anything dealing with my college courses, ESL to the classes I give to my family, Clubs to anything regarding the Clubs I belong in at UTD, Social anything dealing with friends and outings, Personal anything that has to do with me, Work being anything from my job, Blog anything about this Blog, and Housework anything dealing with house chores. I assigned each section a color for coding and wrote the key on a Post-It note. This Post-It note now lives on the interior side of my planner binder!


Filling out Planner – Step 1

First, I draft my month! I write everything from my syllabi (exams and assignments) onto the monthly views. Then birthdays, and then recurring events, then my blogging schedule. Of course, I also wrote my monthly goals. During January, I want to acquire my textbooks and get at least 1 week ahead, I want to upload my notes to StudySoup, re-start Belly Dance meetings, and ESL classes, and make at least 3 Blog posts!


Filling out Planner – Step 2

Second, I copy everything from the monthly views into the weekly views and add anything else. I also disperse all of the monthly goals throughout the weeks I have. This is how my week ended up looking. (And from this picture, you can also see where my Color Coding Key lives!)


Filling out Planner – Step 3

Third, I write all of the things on my daily views. Then I make my to-do lists. Yes, I make several lists. My planner is divided into sections, so I make lists of every section. Then, I distribute all of the things from my to-do’s onto my schedule. I usually take about 15 minutes before bed to plan out my next day, and 15 minutes every morning to see what my day will look like. It has actually worked out for me. Also, when I write down my classes on my schedule, I write the topic we are going to be seeing that day so that I make sure and read that before hand. ūüôā


You see, many people actually use washi tape and stickers and many super nice decorations, but I don’t have any and my method is quite enough so far.

Well, anyways, that is how I organized my planner! How does yours look?


Happy New Year’s!

10 New Year’s Resolutions!


Hi friends!!

Here is a toast to 2017. I hope this year is a great year in every aspect of our lives, and that everything we wish to accomplish gets done! :3

Now, I have always been a sucker for those little traditions, like the grapes at the bell strikes, or having a made suitcase by the door, they just make me happy. I know they are superstitions, but hey, what is there to lose? My favorite New Year Tradition, though, is making New Year’s Resolutions. I may not be the best at keeping them, and I may not even remember them by the end of the month, but a try is a try, and one of this Year’s Resolutions is to follow through with everything I start, so here goes nothing.

Let me tell you my New Year’s Resolutions!

To follow through with everything I start

You see, I am the type of person that starts something very hyped up, and then when the novelty passes I just let it go. I do not want to do that anymore. I really want to get my things together and become a better person, and I thing the most important step is to follow through with your commitments. That way, I can work on stuff but actually get somewhere.

To have better time management

I was not able to do many things because of my poor time management skills. That has to change. I specially have to focus on scheduling time for fun things. Since I did not do that, when something like that came up, I dropped everything. I figured I could just push everything over a bit, but that never worked. I have to designate fun time so I can do everything that needs to be done.

To not procrastinate

Guilty. If there was a contest of the world’s biggest procrastinator, I would lose, because I procrastinated so much I did not submit my entry on time. I seriously suck at this, so this year 2017 I will be a better Meow and stop procrastinating!! *-*

To never miss a deadline

Because of the aforementioned problem, I missed a couple of assignments, and my grades dropped. This will never happen again, since I am very close to graduating and really need to bring my GPA up! And yes, this includes blogging! I am setting goals of more constant blog posts!

To have a presentation

If you did not know this, I opened a Belly Dance club at UTD, and we are getting ready to prepare choreographs. My goal is to host a presentation with everybody in the team, and invite all UTD students. My job here, is to work very fast so this can get done by mid-April!

To improve in my sewing and knitting

I learned how to sew during middle school, and I learned how to knit about 2 weeks ago. I shall practice much! Currently working on a scarf… :3

To finally learn how to play the piano

I have had a piano for 3 years now (it was a Christmas gift!) and just have not learned how to play it. I love the piano, and I really really want to learn how to play an instrument, so this year is the year! I know I might not be super awesome by the end of the year, but I at least want to get the ball rolling.

To let go of toxic people in my life

I have always felt bad to tell someone to shove off. I always kind of feel that whet ever a person is doing, they need to do it, and if I can help, then cool. But, I have recently learned that I do not deserve to be the person everybody ‘dumps’ on. I think it is about time to start thinking about myself a little bit more, and in order to deal with my own things, I need to stop letting others walk over me.

To lead a healthier lifestyle

I love junk food. I love waking up late. I love staying at home with my pj’s on. I love being lazy sometimes. I HATE exercise. But I think it is time to change it up a bit. I want to start feeling better about myself, and that involves many things. From eating healthy, to going out into the world. From waking up early and being productive, to retake dancing and working out. This is the year, friends!! ūüôā Who knows? There might even be more travel plans!!

To grow my relationship

HE<3 and I have been together for 2 years and a half. I love him to pieces! And I think the best way to honor the love we share is by making sure our relationship grows stronger, and better. I am not talking about big romantic gestures (which, don’t get me wrong, I love and will continue to do), but about the little things. The small things that make a couple happy, and show you this is the person you want to be with.

Because, HE<3 is the person I want to be with… *-*


So, friends, there you have it. These are my New Year’s Resolutions, and you bear witness to my vows! And in the spirit, of good changes, let me tell you something. I got braces! I got them on Christmas Eve and am super excited to finally get my teeth nice and straight, for good!!! ūüėÄ

Well, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? I want to hear all about it!!


Thanksgiving Thanks


Hello my friends!!

So, today is Thanksgiving. In my culture, this is not very celebrated, but when in Rome… hehe. So I will jump on the bandwagon and tell you 25 things I am thankful for on this day.

1. I am thankful for being at UTD

UTD has been my home for the past two years and a half, and here I have met many friends who I now consider family, and the love of my life. I have been exposed to many different things I never new I would do, and I have learned so much I don’t know if my brain can hold much more. I am thankful to UTD for accepting me, and allowing me to grow in such a great environment.

2. I am thankful for Rudolph

Rudolph is our car. We got him a couple of days after moving to the U.S. When my parents, my brother and I got here, we literally only had a suitcase each, and that was it. We had to crash with some friends, and the next day we went and bought Rudolph. He saved us from so much, and he has never left us stranded. Eventually, when I moved to Dallas and met HIM<3, we asked my dad to sell Rudolph to us. I used to have to take the bus to school and to work and in the rain/cold/snow, it completely sucks, but Rudolph came to save the day, and I am very grateful for having him. BTW: his name is Rudolph because we bought him during the Holiday season, he takes us everywhere, and I really want to buy him the car antlers and nose :3 !)

3. I am thankful for my Harry Potter books

When I was smaller, I saw the first Harry Potter movie. I had no clue they were actually books, and I found that out until after I watched the third movie. I desperately wanted to read the books, as I have always been a reader, but I could not afford to buy them. I kept asking to borrow them from friends, but the people who could buy them did not read, and the people who read could not buy them. Even worse, the public library in Mexico is not very efficient, so I could not ‘check them out’. It wasn’t until I was in college that I was able to afford buying my Harry Potter book collection, and I have read them many times over.

4. I am thankful for the lab

I have been a research assistant in UTD since the Spring Semester, and I can tell you I love every bit of it. I have learned many techniques that, as a scientist, are very important. I have understood many brain processes in the lab that have helped me understand my classes better. I even discovered what I want to do with my degree (research and teaching) and what I want to research! I have learned a lot about myself and others by being here, and I have acquired skills that help me grow as a person. I am thankful of being allowed to do this while learning about something I love.

5. I am thankful for my ‘cave’

In our apartment, I have a cloffice. I actually call it my cave. I have all of my stationary/craft supplies, and a little desk. I have books that did not fit in the big bookshelf, and that is where I give my online ESL classes from. I love how, because it is tiny, the sound gets contained, and the person on the other side of Skype hears me perfectly clear. I like how the table is small enough to be able to fit a drawer cart, but big enough to fit my laptop perfectly. I just love my cloffice! And I am thankful for having a nice space to deal with work and classes.

6. I am thankful for contact lenses

I actually have very bad eyesight. My prescription stands at -7.5, and to put it in context, when you reach -8, they do not let you have laser surgery anymore (at least in Mexico…). So yes, I have bad eyesight. When I wore glasses, I could not run because they kept moving up and down and would get me very dizzy in a matter of seconds. Then, when it rained, I could never look up. If I did, the glasses would get wet and I couldn’t see anything, and I would fall. If I took them off, I would not see anything either and would fall again. I loved the rain, but I was never able to be outside in the rain because I could not see. At all. For my 15th birthday my parents bought me contacts. The day of my birthday it rained. I did not go inside the house for hours. My friends kept telling me I looked like a little kid, but it was the first time I was able to see rain while being IN the rain. Yes, we got sick from playing in the rain, but I am grateful for my contacts because they allowed me to see this for the first time.

7. I am thankful for the trees at UTD

As most of you know, going to college is quite expensive. Some colleges are more expensive than others, and this is specially marked when comparing a school in the state you live in, with a school in a different state. When I was applying to colleges, I knew I was staying in Texas. There was just no way I could go out-of-state, but I also wanted to go as far north as I could. I just really wanted to see the leaves change color, they don’t in Mexico. In UTD, the several trees are already turning orange. Actually, the trees right outside my lab (where I basically live, anyways) are beautifully orange. I uploaded a picture to my instagram! The trees look simply beautiful, and I could have chosen a better place to see the trees change color.

8. I am thankful for my cappuccinos

Back in Mexico, I would always buy these little baggies of cappuccino coffee powder. I just had to heat up some milk and pour the powder onto the mug. It was heaven! Specially because it is quite cheap ūüėČ I love having a cup of coffee in the mornings while I read. Specially next to the balcony at our apartment. We have a poolview, and right next to the pool, there is a bunch of trees, so I can see the leaves, the wind moving them and the water, and the squirrels running around. It makes me extremely happy.

9. I am thankful for pets

Even though my pets don’t live with me right now, (the apartment is kind of small and they would not be happy) my parents take care of my kitties and my brother’s dog. They send me pictures every once in a while, and they always tell me about the random funny things they do. Once, Nidalee was trying to ‘hunt’ Carbon’s wagging tail, but she ended up only attacking the fur, so her paw slid through and she hit herself in the face xD We really do not deserve pets, but we have them anyways, and I am thankful for that! (Note: If you do not know who Nidalee or Carbon are, my about page shows you!)

10. I am thankful for Netflix

You have no clue how many things from my childhood are on Netflix. You have no clue how many new things are on Netflix. You have no clue how many date nights we thought about cancelling because we could not spend, but were saved thanks to Netflix! You have no clue how many cuddle I have gotten in front of a screen playing Netflix. You have no clue how many laughs I have had in front of Netflix, or how many tears have been shed xD You have no clue how movies and shows connect my family, (specially superhero movies xD ) and how many lazy weekends we have literally just plopped ourselves in front of Netflix and had the time of our lives. Thank you Netflix!

11. I am thankful for my sweaters

Fall is my favorite season. I life Fall because it is cool, but it’s not freezing. I do not like hot weather and I do not like sweating, but during the Fall, everything is perfect! And it is all perfect, because I have my sweaters. Specially my Perry the Platypus sweater, my Cookie Monster sweater, and HIS<3 sweater that got accidentally shrunk on the dryer and ended up fitting me perfectly! I love having sweaters and I love having my hands in sweater pockets, and having HIS<3 hands in my sweater pockets. I love sweaters.

12. I am thankful for my ballerina flats

Want to be comfy? Want to look cute? Want to not have cold in your feet? Want to not be hot in your feet? Want to just have shoes that can casual down a very formal outfit, or fancy up a pair of jeans and blouse? Ballerina flats! They just make life so much easier! And you don’t have to worry about the grass being wet, or the mosquitoes getting your feet with the sandals! And they go well with basically anything! The only thing I don’t wear them with is sweatpants, but you have tennis shoes for that! Beautiful Ballerina flats! *w*

13. I am thankful for fuzzy socks

I mean, do I really have to explain that one? xD Who does not love the soft fluffiness of fuzzy socks? They keep you warm on the coldest nights and look adorable. I rest my case.

14. I am thankful for small gestures

You know that time when you are running late, and the bus driver sees you and waits a whole extra 10 seconds for you to get on? Or how about that time when your hands are full and someone opens the door for you? And that one cold day when you took a shower and your SO put your towel in the dryer for a couple minutes and it was warm when you put it around your body? Those small things that show us people care for us, and do not mind doing that extra thing for you. Thank you. Just, thank you!

15. I am thankful for good timing

I don’t know about you, but I love when things just work out. When your favorite song comes on in the radio, and as soon as you are pulling into your parking spot, it ends, and it was perfectly timed. Or when you take a picture of your puppy, and at that precise moment he looks into the camera. Finding a friend while walking to class, receiving a text from the person you were just about to text yourself. Finding your soulmate, just when you were starting to give up on love. Perfect timing.

16. I am thankful for funny jokes

Here goes my favorite joke at the moment:

A bear walks into a bar in Billings, Montana and sits down. He bangs on the bar with his paw and demands a beer. The bartender approaches and says, “We don’t serve beer to bears in bars in Billings.” The bear, becoming angry, demands again that he be served a beer. The bartender tells him again, more forcefully, “We don’t serve beer to belligerent bears in bars in Billings.” The bear, very angry now, says, “If you don’t serve me a beer, I’m going to eat that lady sitting at the end of the bar.” The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve beer to belligerent, bully bears in bars in Billings.” The bear goes to the end of the bar, and as promised, eats the woman. He comes back to his seat and again demands a beer. The bartender states, “Sorry, we don’t serve beer to belligerent, bully bears in bars in Billings who are on drugs.” The bear says, “I’m NOT on drugs.” The bartender says, “You are now. That was a barbitchyouate!”

Note: this is MY definition of funny, but you get the idea! xD

17. I am thankful for that super easy and delicious go-to recipe

Because at times when you forget to cook the day before, or you simple don’t have time, and you just know that today will be THAT day when you eat your favorite super-quick recipe. For me, it’s tuna, with kernel corn and mayo in saltine crackers. What’s yours?

18. I am thankful for a good dance

I have never been a sports person, I can’t even run because of my knee problem, and maybe from my glasses-wearing-years I still get dizzy, but I have always been a dancer. And it is awesome when you lose yourself in a dance. Any type of dance! I met HIM<3 dancing Salsa. I have dance Aztec since I was 12. And I opened a Belly Dance club in UTD… Just, dancing. And not only dancing, but the whole work up towards dancing. When you know you are going dancing, and you are playing music since you are taking a shower and getting ready and just going over some cool moves. *sighs* dance!

19. I am thankful for long showers

I mean… what can I say? Relaxation, warm steam, nice hot water… You know what? Excuse me… I am going to take a shower… x3

20. I am thankful for Bubble Wrap!

If you ever ask me why I order so much random stuff online, even if I never use the stuff, the answer is bubble wrap! That feeling you get when you have popped EVERY SINGLE BUBBLE….. Priceless.

21. I am thankful for finding things

I was cleaning out my closet the other day. I found this box and I had absolutely no idea what was inside. I was even scared of opening it thinking it might be something that went bad… When I did, I found stuff from a long time ago. I found notes I passed with my friends back in High School. I found the student portraits from my friends in Middle School. I found a bracelet my friend from Elementary gave me. I found the earrings I wore for my XV birthday. I found a seashell from the first time I went to the beach, and a rock from a Volcano from a trip I took. I found MONEY!!

22. I am thankful for my headphones

When I started going to the lab, I was given a desk. This desk, is right next to the door. This door is the most common door in the whole building, and I have a lot of problems keeping my attention in one thing. So, every time I was at my desk doing something, someone would open the door and I would look up. I spent more time looking up than doing my things. The problem is, all the other desks were being used. So HE<3 took matters into his own hands, and surprised me with awesome headphones that cancel outside sound. Not only can I now focus, but the headphones he got me are the fancy ones that do not fall off my ears! LOVE HIM<3

23. I am thankful for good people

After this election, I saw an increase in aggressive behavior. Some of it aimed at me, some aimed at my friends, some not actually aimed but not completely thought-through comments… I did not like it at all. But, every time something like this happened, I was fortunate enough to witness/be somebody who stood up for the attacked person. I defended people, people defended me. I am so proud of the moral responsibility that people still have, and I am proud to say that even if this year’s president-elect gives people the idea that being rude is ok, there is people that know better and will defend those values.

24. I am thankful for my family

I am so blessed. I am blessed because I have an awesome family that always supports me and helps me grow. I have the type of family I want to have someday. I have a mother that loves me, a father that spoils me, a brother that tolerates me (haha jk). But most importantly, I have them. They are here. I can say they are here. And that is in and of itself the biggest thing to be thankful for. I love how my brother can turn any blue moment into a moment where my face hurts with laughter. I love how my mom always knows what to say, either to comfort, to teach, or to enjoy. I love how my father always has a solution to everything, and knows how to help me when I do not know what my next steps will be. I love how my parents still go out and spoil each other like a young couple who just started dating, but also show the wisdom of many years of marriage, many ups and downs, and many perfect moments. I love them. I am thankful for having them.

25. I am thankful for HIM<3

HE<3 is my best friend, my confidant, my partner in crime, my MEOW<3, the love of my life. And I found him. And he found me. And we are together, strong, well, healthy, happy, and what I believe to be a bright future. How could I not be thankful for him!? If I love him and he loves me!? What can I say? I’m in love… ‚̧

What are you thankful for?


Some Words of Encouragement…

Well friends,

I write to you with a heavy heart today.

I woke up this morning to the news of this year’s election. As soon as I saw this, I took to Facebook to see what my friends were saying, see what they were sharing, even some pieces of news coverage, and I couldn’t help but notice the recurrence of the words “uncertainty,” “fear,” and “disappointment.” Most importantly, I noticed several people post about being scared of being deported, scared of discrimination, scared for their loved ones, and outright scared of what the future may hold.

You see, friends, I have never posted anything political. I have shared a couple of posts from other sources on my Facebook page, but I feel like this time I have a couple things to share, and I would like this post to reach far and wide. So, here goes nothing…


Credit to Pexels and Graphicstock!

First thing first, I myself am Mexican. I was born in Mexico, have lived about half of my life in Mexico (in discontinuous intervals) and am very proud of my Nationality and Culture, but I am also a naturalized American Citizen and very happy with currently living in Dallas, and going to a wonderful University: The University of Texas at Dallas. While here, I have come to know different people, and I mean MANY different people. I know people from India, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Africa, Russia, Germany, France, England, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, U.S., and many more places, not to mention the Love of my Life, who is Colombian ‚̧ ! Talking to all¬†these people about themselves, their respective countries, and their opinions on other countries, I have come to one very outstanding conclusion: every person is here for a VERY different reason. Some people were running away from their countries and the persecution they encountered, while others came because they found opportunities that their countries didn’t give them, but none came with the specific motive of doing harm.

I do think there is many foreign people in the U.S. at this time, but I DO NOT believe it to be a negative thing! On the other hand, I think we can learn much from the insight people have from coming from different places with different cultures and political views. We could learn from all of our mistakes and from all our successes, but¬†this is not what some people are doing! Instead of welcoming people from other countries, there is an abundance of hatred.¬†We saw videos of people being horrible to each other and saying things along the lines of “Go back to [insert beautiful native country here]!” and I very well think that this may not stop anytime soon. I believe that these issues were already ingrained in some people’s mentalities and were only latent until given the opportunity to rise to the surface, but now that we see how some people can be hateful, the only thing left to do is spread more love! #SpreadTheLove

I want to call you all to take action. It is time to show that our love for our fellow humans! We cannot ostracize anyone, we cannot isolate anyone, and we cannot discriminate against anyone. We have to show the people that even if we were not born in the same places, believe in the same Gods, or have the same beliefs, we still respect one another and value everyone’s lives. In a time in which people have become afraid of showing their individuality, let us show them it is what makes them beautiful! And the best way to do this, is to help them feel welcome and at ease.

This is why I write today.

Today I write because I think people are worried and scared because they fear a very extreme outcome to this election, and I think most of this fear is founded on the idea that a President can do ANYTHING he/she wants, which is completely FALSE! You see, sadly, some immigrants are actually poorly educated in the way the American Government works, so they are scared out of their shoes thinking they might be deported on their way to the supermarket to get food for their kids! And this is where the #SpreadTheLove thing I am talking about comes into play. Help them feel safe. Explain to the the way the government works and show them that they do not have to fear! If we could do this, not only would we be giving these people a bit of peace of mind, but we might even interest them in researching more about the legal system and be better prepared, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are showing them we care and they have a friend/family in us, that they have support, and that is simply invaluable… Show them we care. Show them we can help. Show them we are here for them, and we are willing to support them.

And I know I went mostly into the topic of immigration, but this is only because being Mexican and having family here, this is the topic that hits closest to home, but we have to #SpreadTheLove to everyone! Love the LGBTQ communities that have been attacked lately. Love the little kids that are being bullied. Love the Women who are being discriminated against and given unequal rights. Love the racial minorities that have been ostracized. Love the people that work in any type of public service and appreciate their contribution instead of looking down on them. Love your family, love your neighbors, love your friends. Nothing is more beautiful than a peaceful interaction, and a courteous and respectful behavior towards one another. Recognize that you have views that are important to you, but just like you, other people have their own views and that does not give you the right to destroy them. Recognize that everybody has rights and everybody deserves your respect. Also recognize that to get respect you have to give it. And most importantly, in this time of “uncertainty,” “fear,” and “disappointment,” educate yourself and help others become educated to make voices heard. Learn how to write to your Congressmen and ask for what you need, what everybody needs. Learn how policy is made and how you can influence it. Learn how to become an active citizen, and teach that to others. Show people that are not citizens how to make the best of their stay as well! We all live here, and we all “Make America Great.” Let us not forget that.

Make use of your resources, and remember to verify with official and real sources. (Here is the official U.S. Government‘s website, which contains accurate information!) Don’t let yourself be scared by some random hateful people that will not rest until they make you feel alone. Show them you are not. Show them you are loved and have love to give…

Please, #SpreadTheLove …