Old Me

Hello, friends! I’m Yesenia. It’s sooooo good to finally meet you! :3

Let me tell you about myself a little bit…

littlepaw  I am from Mexico
littlepaw   I am 22 years old
littlepaw   I am a college student
littlepaw   I LOVE CATS

And I think that as far as “what defines me,” these ^ are the most important things. I mean, sure, there are many other things I like to do, but anyway, let’s take it slow. xD

You see, friends, I had been thinking about making a blog for some time now, but I just couldn’t decide on what it would be about. First I wanted it to be about school and study hacks, stuff like that. Then I went for fashion. Then I went for ‘fangirling’ (Oh yes… Harry Potter!!) Then I went for organization and planners. Aaaand then I gave up. I thought “I don’t think I can come up with enough stuff to hold a blog in one of these things. Or worse… what if halfway through, I change my mind!!?  O___O  “.

Then it hit me… I couldn’t write about any of these things because I couldn’t write about just any ONE of these things. All of these are things that I live with, things that I care about. And after all, it is my blog…

So… WELCOME! I welcome you to my blog. A place devoted to everything I think you might find interesting. Be it college life, relationships, jobs, recipes – and even my failure at any of this – I will pass on whatever knowledge or wisdom, however much it may be, unto you. So grab some hot chocolate and cookies, or a soda and some popcorn, and let’s get to talking because I am so excited to meet you.




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