College Backpack Essentials

Backpack essentials


Guess what? I start classes today! I know, I know. Normal classes do not start until August 20-something… But yay summer semester and getting ahead! :3 So, in the interest of *a* new semester, I have compiled a list of necessities ~yes, NECESSITIES~ in the college backpack! Well, at least what I carry…:3

For class

littlepaw Textbook – believe me, there will be dead periods of time in which you can get ahead in your reading!
littlepaw Pens & Highlighters – pretty notes make for easier studying!
littlepaw Notebook / Paper – I mean… it’s a given… right?
littlepaw Planner – Yes, you really need to stay organized for college. Yes, I believe a planner is the best way to do so. No, you will not remember. Yes, write it down. All. Of. The. Time.
littlepaw Post-It Notes – They not only help when you read your textbooks, but they also give you extra writing space and the more colorful, the prettier!


littlepaw Phone + Charger – ALWAYS
littlepaw Laptop + Charger – SEE ABOVE
littlepaw Headphones – Other people don’t really want to listen to your music because they are most likely trying to listen to theirs…
littlepaw Spare headphones – again, the REALLY don’t want to listen to your music. I have my set of good BOSE headphones, but in the off chance that I forget them, I always keep a spare of random 99 cent headphones.


littlepaw Sunglasses – I am blind as a mole if it is sunny. Luckily meow<3 gave me an adorable pair of sunglasses that I never leave without!
littlepaw Sunglasses Case – You don’t want your awesome sunglasses to get scratched up, do you?
littlepaw Umbrella – ESPECIALLY in Texas. Did I tell you about last Friday? I got sunburned, and then 20 minutes later there was hail, and another 20 minutes later there was even more scorching sun :/ Really, an umbrella helps with rain AND sunlight. Take care of yourselves, friends!
littlepaw Sweater – Again, Texas weather. And almost every campus has incredibly cold buildings!
littlepaw Sun Block – And once more, especially in Texas, but do not assume that because it’s not particularly sunny you do not need it! Those sun rays are quite bad.


littlepaw Lip Moisturizer – I get chapped lips. A LOT. And it drives me insane because I also pick at them, and after 10 minutes my lips are a bloody mess. Literally!
littlepaw Deodorant – Have you ever gotten all dolled up and then as soon as you go outside and notice how hot it is you start sweating and then feel uncomfortable the rest of the day? This helps!!
littlepaw Cream / Lotion – Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! I know people hate the word ‘moist’ but, MUAHAHAHAHA, MOIST! >:3
littlepaw Tweezers – I am extremely sensitive to hangnails. I CANNOT stand them! They drive me INSANE! And I always pick at them for HOURS until I am finally able to get them out, and that usually ends in more blood. :/


littlepaw Wallet – Should I elaborate? Also, remember to always have your driver’s license!
littlepaw College ID – Always good to have on hand, especially if your ID allows you to open a set of doors. I, for example, work in a neuroscience lab at UTD, and the building’s doors are closed to the general public, so if I want to get into the lab, I better have my ID.
littlepaw Feminine Hygiene Products – ALWAYS. ~pun intended~
littlepaw Mints / Gum – Come in handy quite often. I regularly use the Listerine Strips. They come in a tiny container and dissolve when you put them on your tongue. They also taste great and the effect lasts quite a while. :3
littlepaw Toothbrush / Tooth Paste – I have braces, so I always brush my teeth right after I eat lunch because something inevitably has gotten stuck there.
littlepaw Hand Sanitizer – Yes friends, somethings things are just sticky…

Well, my friends. I think that is it. This is what you need in your backpack to survive college. At least what has let me survive. What am I missing? What do you carry in your backpack? :3



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