6 Moving Mistakes to Avoid


So friends… I moved.

It was not the best thing ever. You see, the move was not completely planned out, so I am putting together a list of the mistakes made by us, and WHY they were made. In other words, I am writing out the “logic” behind out decisions so you can see how it was easy to believe it made sense, but then it didn’t. Guys, really… We HONESTLY thought we had an awesome plan, and we ended up frustrated. But anyway, considering college is starting soon and a lot of people are moving, I thought that maybe you could learn from our mistakes! 🙂

We only transferred apartments, so the move was only across the pool, but it was still quite big. The problem was, we did not know how big it was until afterward… Here goes!

1) Not Boxing Everything

So, our plan was to move the heavy stuff, furniture, etc and then bring the stuff that goes on the furniture and that way we wouldn’t have a big mess. That way, not only would we not need many boxes and be green and environmental, but we would also be able to keep thinks organized during the move. It sounded so foolproof. Bring the furniture, then bring the stuff on the furniture in tiny increments and put it away immediately. I mean, it made sense, right? WRONG! I took all the books down from the bookshelf but did not box them, and then we didn’t have any walking space. I also took out the stuff from my tiny “clofice” to be able to take out the actual desk, but I had nowhere to put all of the stuff! I couldn’t even do anything with all the dishes we had because, where could I put them? Anyways, we did not box, so we did not feel prepared. And considering everything was a mess, we only asked ONE friend to help us so the furniture would get moved and then continue as planned, which brings me to my second point.

2) Not Getting Enough Help

We thought we didn’t have that much stuff. We thought that if we had one person to help us move the furniture, we could move the smaller stuff by ourselves that same afternoon. NO! A friend of ours came and helped move the furniture but by the end of the day, there was still SO MUCH STUFF. The furniture got moved, yes, but there was no way to move all of the small stuff because NO BOXES! It was a disaster. We moved stuff and moved stuff and moved stuff, but it was never ending. We kind of gave up and decided to continue the next day, but we asked two more friends to help. The next morning we decided to organize everything in the old apartment so we could just have our friends help us transfer the stuff over, and THEN organize, and this brings me to my third point.

3) Not committing to one task and seeing it through

So, here is the thing. If I start something, I usually see something else that needs to get done and it distracts me from what I’m doing originally, and everything gets halfway done and nothing gets finished. Is anyone else like that? It frustrates me a lot because I do not feel like I have accomplished anything, BUT I feel tired from doing a lot of random little stuff. This move was no exception, especially on Sunday morning. Like I already mentioned, we decided on packing everything so we could just move boxes across the pool. That didn’t happen. I started putting clothes in a box and then decided against it and started putting the blankets in the box, and then thought that those didn’t need boxes so I moved on to shoes, and then bathroom stuff, and then kitchen stuff, and then living room stuff, and two hours had passed and there was not ONE finished and packed box. I cried. Literally. So I just sat down extremely sad and de-tangled cables. That helped a bit, so I decided to box them, but then noticed that the electronics would get scratched and gave up. I started just making trips, putting a couple books in the backpack and carrying random stuff in a small box. By the time friends had gotten here to help, we didn’t really have any of the boxes prepared.

4) Not knowing where things would go

When our friends arrived things started to pick up. My friend was observing Ramadan, so I didn;t want to make her walk around and up and down stairs, so I asked her to just stay put and organize the stuff we brought over. So I would go and bring a chunk of clothes and she put them away while the rest of us brought more stuff. Things got better, as the two guys were great at bringing a lot of stuff in one trip, and us girls were great at putting it away fast, but there was a huge problem. I didn’t know where to put all of the stuff the guys were bringing. HE<3 and I hadn’t really planned out everything and I could not organize adequately because I thought it would all get moved eventually. And it did. My friend and I put everything more or less where it could maybe, probably, possibly go, but it wasn’t until days after that HE<3 and I actually sat down and decided where everything would go.

5) Moving EVERYTHING and having to bring stuff back to the old place

Yes, you need to bring all your stuff to the new place and leave the old one completely empty. But not leaving a couple paper towels or some cleaning spray means a whole new trip. Once again, for us, it was just across the pool so it wasn’t that bad. But still, we could have saved about 5 trips up and down 3 flights of stairs. #JustSayin…

6) Not changing your address

As of today, we have been in the new place 3 weeks. We still have not changed our address at the Post Office. Hehehe… NO! BAD MEOW! BAD MEOW! GET OFF THE COUCH! oh, wait…. yeah. Anyways. Not a good thing to do guys. GO! I am going tomorrow morning…

CONCLUSION: Underestimating

Seriously guys. It all boils down to this. We underestimated how much work we had to do and thought it would not be that bad, so because we were over-confident, we did not prepare and everything went quite rocky. I mean sure, it was fun to have friends when we moved because we were all talking and with music and what not. Dinner after sundown was great because after a very tired day going out for food and having fun and relaxing was awesome. But guys… It was stressful. I REALLY don’t want to move for another looooong time, so I really hope this helps someone who is planning on moving so they don’t make our same mistakes.

One more piece of advice: RECIPROCATE! Guys, if your friend helped you move, help them move… My friend is moving this week and I am happily helping her because she was so kind so as to help us even if she was feeling less energized from not eating. It’s just common courtesy. #Shoutout to my friend! ❤

Anyways, what moving mistakes have you made? What do you think of mine? xD I know… some are quite dopey, but hey… #TrueStory



2 thoughts on “6 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Es ist unglaublich was ich sehe und was ich höre… Grade jezt in diesem moment empfinde ich eine der Tiefsten Trnuarmomeete meines lebens.dieser Bericht Zeugt uns, das WIR Menschen eine abartige Spezies sind!Die Einen tuen böses, die sehen böses und wir die meiner Meinung nach schlimmste sorte wissen davon und tut Nichts.


    1. Hi! So, I had to google translate this, because I did not really understand, but from what I got, I’m sorry you feel this way. If you ever need to talk send me a message, I’m here for you 🙂


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