Valentine’s Day Thoughts


Who have you chosen? Who is your significant other? Do you have one? Do you have a crush on somebody and haven’t told them? So difficult… Love can be a difficult thing… And I am not saying that Valentine’s Day is only for romantic love. Far from that, I know it as the Day of Love AND Friendship, but today I do want to focus on romantic love. I want to talk about the choice…

So, if you have chosen someone, who did you choose?

Because I mean, you could choose anyone! How about that little kid who pulled your hair in school and everyone said, “it’s because he likes you.” Or that other kid who stared at you from across the room with those sheep eyes and made you all red in the face. Or maybe you chose your High School sweetheart, or your best friend, or the bad kid in the block that is just a rebel… There are so many choices, and this weekend I learned a lot about the choice I have made.

You see, I was planning on making a post on either the gift I gave him or how we celebrated Valentine’s Day. If not that, one of those very lovey-dovey posts on the 50 things I love about him or something like that. But I changed my mind. I am going to write about why I think I made the right choice when I chose him.

Last Friday I got sick. I am not sure what it is, the doctor said I present flu-like symptoms, but she is not sure of it is the flu since the test came back negative and I did have a couple extra symptoms, but the point is I have been miserable this weekend. On Saturday I could barely stand up, and every time I did I felt I was going to fall back down under my own weight. I was nauseous all day and would alternate between sweats and fits of shivers.Saturday sucked.

Saturday sucked.

I spent most of the day in bed, but HE<3 was awesome. All day, he stayed at home and watched over me. He made lunch and came into the room every time he would hear me shake and would put an extra blanket on me. He basically spoiled me all day, which is to say quite a lot, because I can be quite spoiled on any given day… He also, of course, made me eat and drink so I wouldn’t get dehydrated, even when I was refusing. He made me hot teas and some nice soup and was just amazing. He was amazing.

Later that night, he asked if I would like to get out and feel some nice fresh air. I said I would love to, but was feeling rather weak, that I would rather we drove around for a bit. I took a shower and felt incredibly better once I got out, but I still wasn’t feeling 100%. So I got ready, did my hair as best I could, and out we went. Guess where he took me? For Bubble Tea and a nice dinner at Panera’s! I got my favorite: Passion Fruit Green Tea with extra sugar, extra boba, and extra jelly, (with no ice) and he got a Lemonade yogurt tea (and forgot to say no ice xD ). There were no chairs available at the shop, so we went to a little plaza and sat at the fountain, and then went to Panera’s and got two to-go sandwiches, and came back home. We played video games together for a while.

What I am trying to say (and I think I am making the big deal it deserves), is that HE<3 was awesome. So, this is my big message for the day: I chose wisely!


I chose the person who will make soup for me (even though there was no soup at home and he had to go get some from the store), just because I wanted soup.

I chose the person who will stop what he is doing and come put an extra blanket over me just because he heard me.

I chose the person who made me tea and stayed there until I drank it so that I wouldn’t spill it with my arms that felt like spaghetti.

I chose the person who motivated me to get up and prepare to go out.

I chose the person who took me to get my favorite treat in the world, just because he knows it is my favorite treat in the world.

I chose the person who reminded me to ask for no ice in my bubble tea, and was so busy thinking about my bubble tea, that he forgot to ask for no ice in his own tea.

I chose the person who let me basically hang from his arm because I was still feeling somewhat weak.

I chose the person who ordered a sandwich he knew I would like, just because he thought I hadn’t eaten enough that day, and thought maybe I would like some more, and he could give me his.

I chose the person who took care of me on my sick day, enjoys with me my healthy days, cuddles with me and watches movies with me on my lazy days…

I chose the best person I could have chosen, and I wanted to say that today.


Today is Tuesday, February 14th. Valentine’s Day. I am still sick. In fact, I had to stay at home and not go to class because I am very contagious. I actually stayed home and watched Harry Potter movies! But, to the point. Today is Valentine’s Day, and I have the best Valentine I could ever ask for. I have HIM<3!

And I wanted to say this today.

I chose the best Valentine in the world. I am sure I made the right choice. I hope your choice makes you happy.


See you, friends! ❤
Happy Valentine’s Day!



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