My planner On The Day-To-Day

Hello, Friends!

So, the semester has started for me at UTD, and for some of you, your semester is about to start, so I decided to make a post on how I use my planner to keep up with everything AND what my planner looks like so far!

What you will need:

littlepaw Pens: I chose the Retractable Pilot G2 pens
littlepaw Post-it: Normal Post-it notes from Walmart
littlepaw Planner: My own design


Getting Started:

So, once I had my materials, I decided on a color coding list. Here are my sections:

littlepaw Class
littlepaw ESL
littlepaw Clubs
littlepaw Social
littlepaw Personal
littlepaw Work
littlepaw Blog
littlepaw Housework

Since I have 8 pens, I was able to make 8 sections, and these are the ones I found I needed the most. Class refers to anything dealing with my college courses, ESL to the classes I give to my family, Clubs to anything regarding the Clubs I belong in at UTD, Social anything dealing with friends and outings, Personal anything that has to do with me, Work being anything from my job, Blog anything about this Blog, and Housework anything dealing with house chores. I assigned each section a color for coding and wrote the key on a Post-It note. This Post-It note now lives on the interior side of my planner binder!


Filling out Planner – Step 1

First, I draft my month! I write everything from my syllabi (exams and assignments) onto the monthly views. Then birthdays, and then recurring events, then my blogging schedule. Of course, I also wrote my monthly goals. During January, I want to acquire my textbooks and get at least 1 week ahead, I want to upload my notes to StudySoup, re-start Belly Dance meetings, and ESL classes, and make at least 3 Blog posts!


Filling out Planner – Step 2

Second, I copy everything from the monthly views into the weekly views and add anything else. I also disperse all of the monthly goals throughout the weeks I have. This is how my week ended up looking. (And from this picture, you can also see where my Color Coding Key lives!)


Filling out Planner – Step 3

Third, I write all of the things on my daily views. Then I make my to-do lists. Yes, I make several lists. My planner is divided into sections, so I make lists of every section. Then, I distribute all of the things from my to-do’s onto my schedule. I usually take about 15 minutes before bed to plan out my next day, and 15 minutes every morning to see what my day will look like. It has actually worked out for me. Also, when I write down my classes on my schedule, I write the topic we are going to be seeing that day so that I make sure and read that before hand. 🙂


You see, many people actually use washi tape and stickers and many super nice decorations, but I don’t have any and my method is quite enough so far.

Well, anyways, that is how I organized my planner! How does yours look?



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