Happy New Year’s!

10 New Year’s Resolutions!


Hi friends!!

Here is a toast to 2017. I hope this year is a great year in every aspect of our lives, and that everything we wish to accomplish gets done! :3

Now, I have always been a sucker for those little traditions, like the grapes at the bell strikes, or having a made suitcase by the door, they just make me happy. I know they are superstitions, but hey, what is there to lose? My favorite New Year Tradition, though, is making New Year’s Resolutions. I may not be the best at keeping them, and I may not even remember them by the end of the month, but a try is a try, and one of this Year’s Resolutions is to follow through with everything I start, so here goes nothing.

Let me tell you my New Year’s Resolutions!

To follow through with everything I start

You see, I am the type of person that starts something very hyped up, and then when the novelty passes I just let it go. I do not want to do that anymore. I really want to get my things together and become a better person, and I thing the most important step is to follow through with your commitments. That way, I can work on stuff but actually get somewhere.

To have better time management

I was not able to do many things because of my poor time management skills. That has to change. I specially have to focus on scheduling time for fun things. Since I did not do that, when something like that came up, I dropped everything. I figured I could just push everything over a bit, but that never worked. I have to designate fun time so I can do everything that needs to be done.

To not procrastinate

Guilty. If there was a contest of the world’s biggest procrastinator, I would lose, because I procrastinated so much I did not submit my entry on time. I seriously suck at this, so this year 2017 I will be a better Meow and stop procrastinating!! *-*

To never miss a deadline

Because of the aforementioned problem, I missed a couple of assignments, and my grades dropped. This will never happen again, since I am very close to graduating and really need to bring my GPA up! And yes, this includes blogging! I am setting goals of more constant blog posts!

To have a presentation

If you did not know this, I opened a Belly Dance club at UTD, and we are getting ready to prepare choreographs. My goal is to host a presentation with everybody in the team, and invite all UTD students. My job here, is to work very fast so this can get done by mid-April!

To improve in my sewing and knitting

I learned how to sew during middle school, and I learned how to knit about 2 weeks ago. I shall practice much! Currently working on a scarf… :3

To finally learn how to play the piano

I have had a piano for 3 years now (it was a Christmas gift!) and just have not learned how to play it. I love the piano, and I really really want to learn how to play an instrument, so this year is the year! I know I might not be super awesome by the end of the year, but I at least want to get the ball rolling.

To let go of toxic people in my life

I have always felt bad to tell someone to shove off. I always kind of feel that whet ever a person is doing, they need to do it, and if I can help, then cool. But, I have recently learned that I do not deserve to be the person everybody ‘dumps’ on. I think it is about time to start thinking about myself a little bit more, and in order to deal with my own things, I need to stop letting others walk over me.

To lead a healthier lifestyle

I love junk food. I love waking up late. I love staying at home with my pj’s on. I love being lazy sometimes. I HATE exercise. But I think it is time to change it up a bit. I want to start feeling better about myself, and that involves many things. From eating healthy, to going out into the world. From waking up early and being productive, to retake dancing and working out. This is the year, friends!! 🙂 Who knows? There might even be more travel plans!!

To grow my relationship

HE<3 and I have been together for 2 years and a half. I love him to pieces! And I think the best way to honor the love we share is by making sure our relationship grows stronger, and better. I am not talking about big romantic gestures (which, don’t get me wrong, I love and will continue to do), but about the little things. The small things that make a couple happy, and show you this is the person you want to be with.

Because, HE<3 is the person I want to be with… *-*


So, friends, there you have it. These are my New Year’s Resolutions, and you bear witness to my vows! And in the spirit, of good changes, let me tell you something. I got braces! I got them on Christmas Eve and am super excited to finally get my teeth nice and straight, for good!!! 😀

Well, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? I want to hear all about it!!



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