Some Words of Encouragement…

Well friends,

I write to you with a heavy heart today.

I woke up this morning to the news of this year’s election. As soon as I saw this, I took to Facebook to see what my friends were saying, see what they were sharing, even some pieces of news coverage, and I couldn’t help but notice the recurrence of the words “uncertainty,” “fear,” and “disappointment.” Most importantly, I noticed several people post about being scared of being deported, scared of discrimination, scared for their loved ones, and outright scared of what the future may hold.

You see, friends, I have never posted anything political. I have shared a couple of posts from other sources on my Facebook page, but I feel like this time I have a couple things to share, and I would like this post to reach far and wide. So, here goes nothing…

Credit to Pexels and Graphicstock!

First thing first, I myself am Mexican. I was born in Mexico, have lived about half of my life in Mexico (in discontinuous intervals) and am very proud of my Nationality and Culture, but I am also a naturalized American Citizen and very happy with currently living in Dallas, and going to a wonderful University: The University of Texas at Dallas. While here, I have come to know different people, and I mean MANY different people. I know people from India, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Africa, Russia, Germany, France, England, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, U.S., and many more places, not to mention my current boyfriend, who is Colombian ❤ ! Talking to all these people about themselves, their respective countries, and their opinions on other countries, I have come to one very outstanding conclusion: every person is here for a VERY different reason. Some people were running away from their countries and the persecution they encountered, while others came because they found opportunities that their countries didn’t give them, but none came with the specific motive of doing harm.

I do think there is many foreign people in the U.S. at this time, but I DO NOT believe it to be a negative thing! On the other hand, I think we can learn much from the insight people have from coming from different places with different cultures and political views. We could learn from all of our mistakes and from all our successes, but this is not what some people are doing! Instead of welcoming people from other countries, there is an abundance of hatred. We saw videos of people being horrible to each other and saying things along the lines of “Go back to [insert beautiful native country here]!” and I very well think that this may not stop anytime soon. I believe that these issues were already ingrained in some people’s mentalities and were only latent until given the opportunity to rise to the surface, but now that we see how some people can be hateful, the only thing left to do is spread more love! #SpreadTheLove

I want to call you all to take action. It is time to show that our love for our fellow humans! We cannot ostracize anyone, we cannot isolate anyone, and we cannot discriminate against anyone. We have to show the people that even if we were not born in the same places, believe in the same Gods, or have the same beliefs, we still respect one another and value everyone’s lives. In a time in which people have become afraid of showing their individuality, let us show them it is what makes them beautiful! And the best way to do this, is to help them feel welcome and at ease.

This is why I write today.

Today I write because I think people are worried and scared because they fear a very extreme outcome to this election, and I think most of this fear is founded on the idea that a President can do ANYTHING he/she wants, which is completely FALSE! You see, sadly, some immigrants are actually poorly educated in the way the American Government works, so they are scared out of their shoes thinking they might be deported on their way to the supermarket to get food for their kids! And this is where the #SpreadTheLove thing I am talking about comes into play. Help them feel safe. Explain to the the way the government works and show them that they do not have to fear! If we could do this, not only would we be giving these people a bit of peace of mind, but we might even interest them in researching more about the legal system and be better prepared, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are showing them we care and they have a friend/family in us, that they have support, and that is simply invaluable… Show them we care. Show them we can help. Show them we are here for them, and we are willing to support them.

And I know I went mostly into the topic of immigration, but this is only because being Mexican and having family here, this is the topic that hits closest to home, but we have to #SpreadTheLove to everyone! Love the LGBTQ communities that have been attacked lately. Love the little kids that are being bullied. Love the Women who are being discriminated against and given unequal rights. Love the racial minorities that have been ostracized. Love the people that work in any type of public service and appreciate their contribution instead of looking down on them. Love your family, love your neighbors, love your friends. Nothing is more beautiful than a peaceful interaction, and a courteous and respectful behavior towards one another. Recognize that you have views that are important to you, but just like you, other people have their own views and that does not give you the right to destroy them. Recognize that everybody has rights and everybody deserves your respect. Also recognize that to get respect you have to give it. And most importantly, in this time of “uncertainty,” “fear,” and “disappointment,” educate yourself and help others become educated to make voices heard. Learn how to write to your Congressmen and ask for what you need, what everybody needs. Learn how policy is made and how you can influence it. Learn how to become an active citizen, and teach that to others. Show people that are not citizens how to make the best of their stay as well! We all live here, and we all “Make America Great.” Let us not forget that.

Make use of your resources, and remember to verify with official and real sources. (Here is the official U.S. Government‘s website, which contains accurate information!) Don’t let yourself be scared by some random hateful people that will not rest until they make you feel alone. Show them you are not. Show them you are loved and have love to give…

Please, #SpreadTheLove …



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