Halloween Cat Costume!

Hi, friends!

So Halloween is, of course, one of my favorite Holidays so I will show you how I made my costume! I have divided this post into sections: Outfit, Nails, and Makeup, so let’s get started!


First of all, you need to know what color cat you want to be. My cats are black, and I have mostly black clothes, so I am going to be a black cat. Then you decide on your base outfit. This is the easiest part of all because it basically consists on scavenging your closet (or your sisters’, friends’, mom’s, cousins’ closets) for any clothes that match the color you would like to do. It took me a couple days to decide on what to wear, but I opted for a black tank top, a lace shirt to go over, a skirt, and leggings.


Anyways, the next thing you need is the cat accessories, namely the ears, paws, and tail. The ears were actually a gift and the paws I bought, but making them is quite easy. The ears can be made in many different styles, with lace, with fluffy-ness, with paper, anything goes. Here are some beautiful DIY Cat Ears! And for the paws, just get some finger-less gloves, cut out eight light colored circles (in my case pink) for the little finger area of the paw, and then two well, paw shaped pieces for the middle of the paw. You can use felt, silk, tulle, basically anything, and sew them onto the gloves! The tail I borrowed, but I wanted to make one like this, with yarn, but I ran out of yarn. Then again, one of your friends will have most likely dressed up as a cat before, so that should not be as hard.



This is, of course, a cat costume. When you think of cats you see cute little balls of fluffy-ness with assassin blades on their adorable toes. So this is what I’m trying to do. I will have a relatively nude background on the nails, and black in the middle to make claws.

Now, one thing you should now about me is that I have VERY fragile nails; therefore, I use Sally Hansen’s Miracle Nail Thickener all the time. I file my nails and give them whatever form I want them to have, then I apply to coats of Nail Thickener, and then I do the color. This not only give me several layers, but it also makes my nails have a protective coat so as to not break that easily. So, this is what we have so far.


Then I added the nude base color! :3 This may require several coats. This is to make the black part of the claw seem like it is the only thing there and should blend in with your actual finger.


Afterward, I taped off the corners of my nails. For this, I want to make the pointy part of the claw the top middle of my finger and have the tape come down to the sides of the nails trying to make it smooth. Here is a picture of what the tape kind of looks like, and this gap in between is where you paint the black.

Then I removed the tape and applied top coat. Aaaand done!


Now, the makeup I really only did some cat eyes. So, I applied my base make-up (which I don’t really master so I am not doing a step-by-step, but there are many more masterful people on Youtube!

So, once my base make-up was on, I applied the waterline eyeliner. This is the eyeliner that goes inside the eyelashes, and I found that for me, pencil eyeliner works best.


After this, I applied eye shadow. I used a light brown, almost orange color on the lid, and a dark brown on the crease. And I blended…


And then I did the outer eyeliner. That is the one to focus on to do the cat make-up. Basically, I do a second winged eyeliner but on the inner part of the eye, but instead of pointing it up, I point it toward my nose. The more dramatic both lines, the more cat-y the look will be! OH! And the eyelashes!!!


I wanted to do the nose and all, but I was already running late for class, so forgive me… But here are some pictures I took with a couple of fellow dressed up Comets!!

There you go! What do you guys think? It was actually a pretty fun day. How was your Halloween? :3



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