How I met HIM<3

Meeting Anniversary! + Step by Step: How I Made my Gift for HIM<3


Hello friends!

These are beautiful days for me! We are in the couple of months I like to call “Meow Season.” This, personally-satisfactory-yet-publicly-awkward word refers to the couple of months in which the story of HIM<3 and I started (As I have probably mentioned before, I claim myself to be a cat, therefore: Meow). Today, two years ago, I met HIM<3. Of course, I already told you guys How We Met in my first post ever, here on Pawsing Life, but I still would like to share something with you: I love the story! I just love the way we met, and I love HIM<3, and I love how HE<3 understands my utter need for corny things, so I made him a small gift. I think it ended up pretty nicely, so I am going to show you how I made it, and maybe give you a couple of ideas for a future anniversary, birthday, or just ’cause gift for your wonderful SO<3’s

What you need:

littlepaw 2 pieces of color paper
littlepaw A ruler
littlepaw A blade
littlepaw Glue

So, one of the papers is going to be your cover, and the second paper is going to be a pop-up heart. I chose a pink paper for my cover and a yellow paper for the pop-up. For simplicity’s sake, I will just talk about the ‘pink’ and the ‘yellow paper’.

For the pink paper in half to make the card. You can draw, write, glue, paint, anything you want. I drew two little volcanoes and had the words ‘I Lava You’ on there. I did this in a landscape orientation, as the pop-up heart from the yellow paper will only work if you open the card up, and not to the side. But you don’t have to. Just go crazy with your pink paper! Or well, whatever color.. Blahh you get the point.. xD

Ok, the yellow paper is the fun part. First you fold it in half, then mark ‘margins’ which will be cut off. I left 1/2 a centimeter on the top and bottom (landscape) and 1 centimeter on the sides (landscape) because I wanted the card to have 1/2 cm of a margin throughout. Ok, in the middle of the card, with half your heart over the fold, draw the heart you would like to make. I printed out a heart to use as a stencil, but you don’t have to. The main reason I did this was because I glued that heart over the pop-up, but that is most definitely not something you have to do, the pop-up by itself looks quite nice. Anyways, just draw the heart. Try and make it as symmetrical as possible.

Then, you will draw a line straight down the middle, but on the outside of the heart.. This is where you will need the ruler the most. Now, I love 1/2 centimeters, so I did that. Make markings on each side of the line at .25 cm, so that the little column that goes through the middle measures 1/2 cm. You do not have to make it exactly that, but I found it looks quite nice. Once you have a 1/2 cm column that runs through the middle of the heart, make markings on both sides of the column at .5 cm and draw the lines, you should have a heart in the middle, and a bunch of lines over and below the heart. If, on the sides you find that it either fits small and the lines don’t cover the heart exactly, make an extra line as to go over. You will see why in a bit 😉 This is more or less what it should look like.


Once you are done, draw small horizontal lines to mark the limits of the heart as if pixel-ed. Here is a picture of what I mean. As you can see, the point is not to go exactly on the edges of the heart, but a bit over as to where they make a nice squared pattern.The, make another set of horizontal lines about 1 1/2 cm or 1/2 in around the ones you already have. Kind of like this… :3


Ok, now, I marked with red what you have to cut with the blade. Make sure to only cut the red lines, if you cut in a different way, it might not pop-up correctly. Once you cut it, turn it around, and fold halfway again while pushing the heart towards you. Continue until you fold it down completely, this way you can press down on the small 1/2 cm foldings as well. :3

And here you go, this is how it should pop up. I glued the yellow paper onto the pink one, then decorated. Now, my theme here was meeting HIM<3 so I printed out three maps, one from Guadalajara, where I am from, one from Bogota, where HE<3 is from, and one from UTD where we met. I cut a heart shape where the location or name of the city was in the middle, but the Guadalajara and Bogota ones were half a heart, as in being incomplete when we did not know each other, and the UTD one is complete. I glued this one on top of the pop-up. Then I wrote some nice things and Voilà! :3

When I gave HIM<3 the card, HIS<3 face went red. Like I told you guys, we met dancing salsa, so later, when homework and blog posts (hehehe :3 ) were done, we played some music here at home and danced, for old time’s sake… Not that we don’t do it often, but I think you get what I mean… Now this, is the perfect “Meow Season” kick-off! ❤

How did your card go? Send me pictures!!


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