Going to Class while SICK! :(


Hello friends!

Well, I am coming down with a cold. Yes, a cold in a 94° F place. Today, when I woke up I had absolutely NO intention of doing anything. I wanted to stay in bed, with my warm blankets, some hot tea, chicken noodles, and Netflix… Preferably with the addition of a cat, but oh well. Anyways, I was dying, and I had class. O_O

So, of course I had to get up! I had to get up and go to class! Why? Because I have learned my lesson. If you did not read my previous post on mistakes I made during past semesters and how I am correcting them, now is the time! 😉 Anyways, I have learned throughout the years that I have to go to class every day and should not skip for any non-emergency reason. Being sick (to the degree I am) is a non-emergency reason. But, how? I could barely get up, I could barely WAKE up, let alone go to UTD, sit through some classes, with some walking around in the sun from building to building! I couldn’t even think of it. But I mustered up the courage and did the following things to get me up and running.

I took a long, nice, warm shower

You see, when I am sick, the thing I want to do the least, is take a shower. I know this sounds horrible, and icky, and gross, and I do not sound like a young 21 year old woman with her life put together, but I hate it. When I am sick, I hate the seconds after you undress and before you get in the water where everything is cold! Then, I love the warm shower, but when you turn the water off, geez it’s freezing! x.x So, yes, I hate showering when I’m sick. BUT, I did it anyways. I have found that not showering actually promotes my ‘non wanting to do anything’ mode, and that’s not what I needed today. I needed to do things, and I could not be in lazy mode, so I did the one thing I knew would wake me up: I braved those cold seconds with the reward of a nice, warm shower (which by the way, I took my sweet time with ;D ).

carbonCredit to my brother who took a picture of his dog after a shower!

I dressed up

Once again, when you are in lazy mode, you want to do things that align with that. But, if you are in ‘getting things done‘ mode, you change your whole perspective and mentality to match up, so instead of wearing pj’s to class, I dressed up. I wore one of my nice tops (which may or may not be super elegant but I like it, so blehh), some nice black and (although very comfortable) quite fancy looking pants, and my nice flats. Have you guys seen Once Upon a Time? Belle, in the show once says “I figured, do the brave thing, and bravery would follow.” I kind of followed that: Look as if you are getting things done today, and the things done will follow… (suuupeeer bad phrasing xD )

Credit to theoddysseyonline.com

I Braided my Hair

There are two hairstyles I particularly like: ironing my hair and doing something fancy with it, or making a fancy braid. Of course, for every day life, I will usually just pin my hair back with a nice pin after showering. I mean, it’s not the nicest thing to do with it, but it stays out of my face, so yay! But, in the spirits of having the ‘getting things done’ follow my actions, I decided to braid my hair. Nothing super fancy, but not my regular french braid down the middle. Once again, I did all of this to change my day’s mentality, and I will tell you something: it worked!

I Made Myself a Nice, Hot Tea

If there is ONE thing that I have learned in the 21 years I have been alive, is to ALWAYS do what grandma says, specially MY grandma. xD You see, my family is from Mexico, and my grandparents are people from little towns. You know, those little towns where everyone knew everyone, you had a house and a horse and some chickens and sheep, you had a big hole in the ground for water, the works. I think it was beautiful, and I am very proud to those roots. So, my grandparents and, subsequently, my parents, know a lot about plants. They know what plants are good to remedy this or that ailment, and all of us know, a nice lemon tea with lemon and honey is great for a cold. So, naturally, I made one this morning and took it with me to class. I was one happy camper. :3

Thank you Pexels.com!

I Rewarded Myself

And so I went to class, and I survived. Dressing up nicely and setting my mind to being productive today actually made me productive today. I had a very good class time, learned what was thrown at me and then after stopping by at the lab (I work at a Neuroscience lab) I decided to come back home. I was on my way when I figured “hey, I did some pretty cool stuff today. I probably should reward myself.” So I went and bought a new backpack (because mine was already tearing and I was going to buy a new one anyway so why not do it as a reward? :3 ), AND I bought myself these boots I have been eyeing for over two weeks. Then I came home, moved my stuff from my old backpack to the new one, prepared tomorrow’s lunch, fixed up my apartment a bit, and decided I did a pretty good job for a pretty sick day, and decided it was time to relax. I can watch Netflix now!! *w*

Picture shows my new backpack on the left, my old backpack on the right, and my new boots! :3

So friends, this is how my [sick] day went. How was your day? I want to hear ALL about it :3



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