Super Easy Shrimp Recipe!

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Hello my friends! A couple days ago, I was talking to an incoming Freshman to UTD. She told me how she was worried about the fact that she could NOT cook to save her life. Sadly, this is something a lot of us had to deal with when starting college. So, I have decided that I will be posting a couple of very, very easy recipes. The types of recipes that you put to cook, leave, forget about them, and by the time you come back they are ready for you!

Also, the thing I love the most about this recipe is that it’s fancy. It’s easy, but fancy. It is perfect to impress mom and dad when they come for a visit and show them you got this! 😉 The only ‘problem’ is that this recipe requires the oven. The dorms at UTD don’t actually have a kitchen, but there is a communal one, and I believe all of the apartments have a kitchen. It depends on where you live. I bought a little oven from Walmart that looks like this, but the normal oven from a stove should work 🙂


littlepaw Shrimp (approximately half a pound per person)
littlepaw Butter
littlepaw Condiments:
littlepaw Salt
littlepaw Pepper
littlepaw Garlic
littlepaw Whatever you like 🙂


littlepaw First of all you have to wash your shrimp. You have to take off the tail and exoskeleton to make it tastier. 😉 Anyways, you wash it all, and you leave it on a strainer for a couple minutes. While there, you grab a long piece of aluminum foil and set it on the oven plate (or any plate that is oven-safe).

littlepaw Now that the plate is set up, spread the shrimp out on the plate with foil. Be careful to spread them out as to where none of the shrimp are on top of the other shrimp. Here comes the interesting part. Slice the butter into tiny pieces, then spread it out over the shrimp. Try to have the butter be able to reach each of the shrimp. Add salt, pepper, or any condiment/spice you wish to add and then close the foil.

20160618_150649     20160618_151112

littlepaw Place it inside the oven. I have found that the magic numbers are 375° F for 25 minutes. While these 25 minutes are happening I will usually prepare a salad (some lettuce, tomato and a couple croutons) or I use some potato salad from Sprouts that I love :3 some avocado and Saltine Crackers. Anyways, just prepare the plate(s).

littlepaw Once it is ready, just serve the shrimp on the plate(s). The butter would have melted and stayed at the bottom. If you are going for ‘light’ then leave it there and just eat the shrimp… or just skip the butter all together. I personally like to pour some of the butter over the shrimp, but that’s up to you. 😉


Well, that’s what my plate looks like. What does yours look like? :3



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