DIY: Planner! ~Free Printable~


Hello friends! As some of you may know, I love having a planner to organize my days. I cannot live without a planner and have actually handwritten my planners for the last 2 years. I don’t want to anymore. The thing is that the conventional planners do not work for me, either because they go until 7:30 p.m. when I am just getting started (hehe) or because I don’t have space to write some other things, so I just drew mine out. BUT, the problem with this is that just making the planner takes so much time! I will end up spending more time making the planner than actually doing the things I wrote in it! So, I have now found a way to make a nice planner, using an online program: Lucidpress, which is a free version of Adobe InDesign! Disclaimer: it has a bit less functions and fonts, but if you don’t want to or can’t afford the Adobe Suite, this is pretty good. Not to mention that if you don’t have much experience with it, you may not use Adobe to its full potential. I will walk through how I am making a planner and uploading this as a freebie! That way, if you want, you can make a new one completely tailored for your needs, or just download this one! AND, I can also make you a planner if you don’t want to make your own 😀 Just comment on here and I will gladly do so! 😉

Step 1: Decide on a view (or not)

First of all, what type of planner do you want? Do you want a Daily planner with a schedule? Do you want a daily planner with ‘morning’ ‘afternoon’ and ‘evening’ boxes? Do you want a weekly view? Do you just want months? Do you want to of these? Do you want them all? This is the most important step! This is also why I don’t buy my planners, I need to make them myself because then they do no accommodate to my needs. For this planner, I will be doing all three of them.

Step 2: Make a list of what to include

So, I always start off by making a list of the things I want to include on my planner. If I am taking on a new activity, I decide whether or not I need it to be on my planner.

For this freebie planner, the daily view will contain the blocks:

littlepaw Classes
littlepaw Work
littlepaw Blog
littlepaw Daily Habits
littlepaw Studying
littlepaw To-do’s
littlepaw Reminders
littlepaw Goal of the day

The weekly view will be one page with:

littlepaw A block for every day
littlepaw A block for The week’s goal

And the monthly view, will be 2 pages that resemble a normal calendar.

So, really it all depends on what items you do and don’t want on your planner, and this is the perfect time to figure it out. Of course, once you start you might find you want to add/subtract some things, but it’s good to have some sort of idea at this stage.

Step 3: Draw a Layout

Before you move any further, draw it out! You get to play with sizes and positions, you get to see if it would be too clustered or just about fine, you get to do this, before actually using the apps! Remember you want to make it resemble what you want to see. If you would like, use a paper the size you want the planner to be so that you can really picture it correctly. You should also take into the account the writing space you want, and how many lines, if any, the items should have. This way, you can arrange your font sizes accordingly.  Remember to make a space for your binding!

Step 4: Decide if you want adornments

If you want a nice frame, if you want some random flowers or stars, any type of decoration you want, this is the time to find them. I will not be applying any on this planner because well, this is going to be a very basic one. And I will be posting a How-To for this in the future, just be aware that this is the time for this. 😉

Step 5: Find a Color Scheme

I love the Fall season, therefore I love colors that resemble the trees in the Fall. But that is just me. You may love bubble gum pink, or leaf green, or sunshine yellow, it is completely up to you. This time, I will make the planner purple because well, I love that color too! 😀

Step 6: Using Lucidpress!

I have a Chromebook, so I just added the Lucidpress app to my task bar. It will only ask you for an e-mail address to sign up and you can get going! To open a new project, click this little green button. First off, make sure you fix the page size, orientation, all that good stuff. This can be done on the right-hand menu when you first open the projectScreenshot 2016-07-14 at 9.20.04 AM

Suggestion: use the grid view. You will have much more control over your layout and can measure more easily, you can do that in view > grid > show grid.
Screenshot 2016-07-13 at 8.54.09 PM

I like to use the round-edge rectangles for all of the items, but you can use any shape you would like. Choose your shape from the side bar to the left, make several of them, then re-size, change the color, do anything you would like to do with them. All of these options are on a menu on the right side of the page that appear when you select the shape.

Okay, so now that you layout is ready, it’s time to fill your blocks in. To do this, double click your box. This will open a whole new menu on the right and that is where you can tweak everything, from font face, font size, bullet-lists, anything! If you want lines in your boxes, just use your underscore key repeatedly.
Screenshot 2016-07-13 at 9.28.39 PM

Pro-tip 1: If you want check-boxes, use a bullet list with the ‘Inversed Bullet’ style. It makes a little dark box with an ’empty’ circle in the middle. Of course you can also use a shape and make it very tiny. 😉

Now this is all up to you. This is where you creativeness comes into play. You can make everything the same (same font-style for all the items) or you can play with colors, sizes, everything. For this planner, I am making everything in purple and using the font ‘Raleway’. And now it is time to fill your planner.

Pro tip 2: If you want a box to be separated into two or more areas, double click your box, and then click the little arrow next to the word ‘columns.’ The amount is up to you.

Anyways, this is a <tiny> picture of the final product!

The PDF file I will be uploading, contains only one page of each view, to make the planner all you need to do is print out the pages repeatedly. Also, they do not have dates, that way you customize and re-use the same template 😀

And, here you go!
Download this printable -> FreebiePlanner

Click on this link and you have the planner I made for this post. 😀 And remember, if you want to make a new one, I am here to help! If you don’t want to make a new one, I will make it for you! Gladly!

Did you like this planner? How do you like your planners? What sections would you add! Let me know! :3



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