How to: Improvised Hermione Costume

Harry Potter Party at Barnes & Noble!!

One more thing about me: I work at Barnes and Noble… Okay, sorry, two more things: I love Harry Potter! *All hail Queen Rowling*

Anyways, yesterday, B&N hosted a Harry Potter event to set the mood for the new – and very expected – book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. So of course, I had to dress up 😀

I will say, the only thing I actually purchased yesterday was a red tie, so I only spent 10 dollars. Then again, I do have a cape I used to dress up as a vampire about 3 years ago, and that I used to dress up as an elf for this year’s Scarborough Renaissance Festival, so that could be another source of expenditure, but you DO NOT need a robe/cape. I found that I looked most like Hermione without the robe. I will show you though, how I did the tie… but we will get to that in a minute.

First, I dived into my closet to see what I could use. I am not allowed to wear jeans to work so I knew the outfit from the 3rd movie was out. And I did not have a dress like the one used for the Yule Ball, so that was out too. I had to stick to the regular Hogwarts uniform. I googled Hermione Granger Costume and found this picture among the first few rows and thought “I can work with that”.


I had a black skirt that kind of looked like that, I had a white shirt I used in my years as a waitress – #TheStruggle – I had flat ballerina shoes. I did not, however, have the tie or the sweater. I decided I could live without the sweater, but I just NEEDED the tie! So I went to Walmart and bought a conventional red tie. I already had a gold sharpie and some masking tape, so I did not buy that. Once again, up to you, but the Sharpie is kind of necessary… These are the Sharpies I got at Walmart I believe last year and they are still rockin’.

So, I set up my materials:

littlepaw 1 Red Tie
littlepaw 1 Gold Sharpie
littlepaw 6 pieces of masking tape (number can vary)
littlepaw 1 place to work at

So, I set the tie at the table and placed masking tape going left-right, bottom-up. I placed the tapes more or less evenly spaced which I then realized was a mistake because the Gryffindor tie has a solid thick stripe of gold and then two smaller ones that are closer together, but well, you can place the tape however you want, that’s the fun! Anyways, I set my tie up like this.


Once my tie was set up with the tape, I marked with the sharpie the edges of where the tie and the tape met. I did not color right away because I wanted to take the tape of kind of fast, but I did make a mark every other space to remind me of which would be the solid thick stripes and which would be the thinner ones. You can see from the picture above that the space that was empty was then going to be the two thin stripes, the space that I scribbled on was going to be filled in to make the thick stripe.

Like I mentioned before, I only used 6 pieces of tape. Once I finished marking the 6 pieces I would leave the last one and remove the other 5 and place them, then keep marking. That way I did not use that much tape but it also wasn’t a hassle to change the tapes every other stripe. I think it worked out fine for me.

And so I colored, and this is what I got.


And here is a picture of my friends and I during my break 😀 the adjacent Starbucks made a special drink for the event night that was meant to resemble Butter Beer, which you can see in our hands. Oh, and the Time Turner necklace I bought as a splurge at the actual event in Barnes & Noble.

From left to right: Me, Michelle and Adrianna! (Follow them too!!<3)

Anyways, the night was awesome. A lot of kids dressed up and there was a costume contest won by a Hedwig and a Professor Trelawney! The kids made Marauder’s Map crafts and Golden Snitches. There was a Scavenger Hunt, and even one of my friends got hit on xD She didn’t even notice it! xD

Anyways, there will be a release party at Barnes and Noble on July 30th to await the book going live at midnight of the 31st. Come and have fun! Now you can even make a tie!

Did you like this craft? How would you do it? I want to know all about it!



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