First Post: Where it began

How I Met HIM<3

So, if there is a story I love to tell over and over, it is the story of how I met HIM<3.

I am absolutely, irrevocably, truly, madly, deeply, musicnotemusicnotemusicnote (got a bit sidetracked there) in love with my BF<3. So, I think it is only fair that I devote my first post to one of the most important people in/part of my life.

You see friends, I have always liked to dance. Apparently, my aunt notices this and, being an awesome human being and me a very social little kid, taught me some basic steps that once combines, can actually make it seem like you know what you are doing. Like I said in my About page, I am from Mexico, so that may have influenced my love for Latin dances. As of today, my favorite ballroom dance is Salsa. And well, do you guys know another country very famous for their love for Salsa? (To a point in which Cali is called ‘The New Salsa Capital of the World’ by some Salsa singers..) Of course, Colombia!! And where do you guys think HE<3 is from? Colombia!! And how do you guys think we met? *drum roll* DANCING SALSA!

So there I was, freshman year of college, welcome week, standing with a friend in a roomful of people waiting for ‘Salsa Night’ to start. There was to be some sort of class, and after that, social dancing. The class portion was fine, I actually learned a neat turn on that day, but the social dancing was the main event. I did not stop dancing for a second. As soon as I finished dancing with one person, someone else was waiting. And through all of this, I kept seeing this ONE GUY who was dancing with some other girl and was dancing *awesomely*. I told my friend that before the night ended I was going to dance with HIM at least once. So during a pause between songs, I went after the GUY… HE was looking in the opposite direction, so HE could not see me. I was maybe 7 feet away from HIM when he starts walking, still not facing me, towards the EXIT door… So I did a 180° turn and headed back towards my friend. I will admit I was kind of bummed, so I just decided to hang out with my friend for a couple minutes.

So there I was, standing in front of my friend having some water, and suddenly HE is standing on my right, hand outstretched, and waiting for me to go dance with HIM. I was certainly confused, after all I saw HIM leave. So we danced, and when the song ended we danced some more, and when that song ended we danced some more, and we basically danced the rest of the event. THAT kids, is How I Met Your Mother… Oh wait, never mind.

When the event ended, HE said “nice dancing with you… bye.” HE gave me absolutely NO way of knowing if I would ever see HIM again. It was about a week before I ran into HIM once. As luck would have it, it was the one day I had pulled an ‘all-nighter’ and look like a moose. Still, HE just waved and left. Another couple days, same thing happens, HE waves and leaves. Until FINALLY I catch HIM close enough to actually stop HIM and say hi properly. So I ask “heeey… why didn’t you go to that one other Salsa event that you obviously didn’t know anything about because well, how could you… I went and didn’t see you there…” – Okay fine, not my exact words, but you get it. – And of course HE did not know anything about that event, BUT HE actually told me where HE worked and that if another event were to happen to let HIM know. HE<3 had no clue I already knew the next event, where and when it was, what I was going to wear, how I would do my hair, the shoes I’d wear, the amount of steps it would take me to go from dorm to place…… hehe :3

So on the 3 days leading to this next salsa event, I stopped by HIS office like twice a day and HE was NEVER there… so I did what a normal human being would do and left a Post-It note with event info on HIS computer screen with absolutely NO idea if HE would see it in time. Off I went to get ready and come back. I arrived and HE was not there. </3

I tried to play it cool and all, because well… Idk, society? xD I tried.. and failed. I was miserable, so I started talking to my friend (yes, the same friend that was with me in ‘Salsa Night’, she also went to this) and was telling her how excited I was to see HIM and how disappointed I was HE didn’t show, when she bursts out laughing. I’m standing there looking at her like “dude, that’s just mean” and she catches her breath a second to say “turn around.” HE<3 was right there! HE<3 saw the note as he was about to leave and decided to stay 3 more hours just to make it. Again, we danced the night away, and the rest… I will tell you later.

You know, months after these events took place I asked why HE left ‘Salsa Night’. I was curious as to why HE left and then randomly came back. HE told me HE had seen me dance since the class portion started and wanted to dance with me very badly, but when the social part came I was just ALWAYS dancing with someone else. HE said he was killing time dancing with that other girl I saw him with, but when HE noticed she was getting comfy, he excused himself and “went to the bathroom.” Apparently, the bathroom was on the hallway, not in the room ‘Salsa Night’ took place. HE said that when HE came back I was the first thing HE saw and the second thing HE saw was that I was available to dance. HE said HE couldn’t take the chance and just raced towards me before anyone else asked me to dance. x3

I just could not love HIM<3 more, and I just could not be more happy that this is how things went… I finally got my HIMYM story… again, never mind…

Do you guys have a cute story to share? I want to know ALL about it!


P.D. HE<3 eventually found the only picture I have of that night. Apparently, my friend and I made the University News Paper! xD


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